What are possible reasons for this problem?

Refer to the graphic. R1 is unable to establish an OSPF neighbor relationship with R3. What are possible reasons for this problem? (Choose two)


A. All of the routers need to be configured for backbone Area 1
B. R1 and R2 are the DR and BDR, so OSPF will not establish neighbor adjacency with R3
C. A static route has been configured from R1 to R3 and prevents the neighbor adjacency from being established.
D. The hello and dead interval timers are not set to the same values on R1 and R3
E. EIGRP is also configured on these routers with a lower administrative distance
F. R1 and R3 are configured in different areas


3 thoughts on “What are possible reasons for this problem?

  1. Is this an ICND1 question? We learned about OSPF administrative distance in class but that was about it.

  2. I understand that there are couple parameters that should be true to make a relationship between the routers, but the question says “refer to the graphic”, and we can clearly see that all of the 3 routers are in the same area. How answer F is the correct one here?

    1. True!! All the routers are in the same area but still they say option F is correct. This is crazy!!

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