what is the problem?

Refer to the exhibit. A host is connected to switch port fa0/3. The host and switch have been fully configured for IP connectivity as shown. However, the indicator LED on switch port fa0/3 is not on, and the host cannot communicate with any other hosts including those connected to VLAN 2 on the same switch. Based on the given information, what is the problem?


A. switch port fa0/3 is not configured as a trunk port
B. there is a bad cable
C. the switch has been assigned an incorrect subnet mask
D. switch port fa0/3 has been blocked by STP
E. the switch and the host must be in the same subnet


3 thoughts on “what is the problem?

    1. The statement that “the indicator LED on switch port fa0/3 is not on” indicates that the host on port fa0/3 has not established a link to the switch. The host and the switch can be in different subnets.

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