3 thoughts on “Which step in the router boot process searches for an IOS image to load into the router?

  1. 1. On power on cisco router first will perform the POST( Power on self test). The POST tests the hardware to verify that all components of the device are operational and present. For example, the POST checks for the different interfaces on the router. The POST is stored in and run from ROM (read-only memory).

    2. The bootstrap looks for and loads the Cisco IOS software. The bootstrap is a program in ROM that is used to execute programs. The bootstrap program is responsible for finding where each IOS program is located and then loading the file. By default, the IOS software is loaded from flash memory in all Cisco routers.

    3. The IOS software looks for a valid configuration file stored in NVRAM. which is called as startup-config.

    4. If a startup-config file is in NVRAM, the router will load and run this file. The router is now operational. If a startup-config file is not in NVRAM, the router will start the setup-mode configuration upon bootup.

    5. Any further modification on running router will be stored on RAM, where you need to manually execute command copy running-config startup-config to make your current configuration as a startup-config, every time you boot your router.

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